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Project Photo Gallery

Landscape Project Pictures

Please enjoy this compilation of photos of some of my work over the past 12 years. A brief description has been provided below most pictures.

Belgard Paver walkway w/ steel arbor. Granite Lake-Annandale, MN

Chilton stone walls surrounding a paver patio.

Climbing roses and wisteria vines cover this walkway arbor.

This great plant combination include Salvia 'May Night' (purple)
and Sumac 'Tiger Eyes'. Both of these plants are indestructible and
very fast growing.

We were hired by this customer in Darwin, MN to create a very natural
looking stream with waterfalls and rocks taken from the surrounding
property. This project received 'Best in Show' during the 2004 Parade of

This home in Minnetonka, Mn was in need of a front sidewalk.
We suggested a flagstone walk utilizing New York Bluestone/limestone mix.
We mortared the flagstone to a concrete under-walk. Big improvement!

This is our Bluestone flagstone walkway the following year. The cottage
garden border has complimented the home's architecture nicely.

This customer in Annandale, MN needed a way to block the road noise.
The solution was to build dirt burms and plant 'Royal Frost' Birch trees and
a mixture of perennials and ornamental grasses. We also placed moss
covered red rocks to the burms to create the look of the Rocky Mountains.

This true 'rock garden' is also a dwarf conifers collection garden. The garden
borders a raised patio which makes a great observation deck to view this
unique collection of dwarf evergreens. The dwarf conifers include, a dwarf
blue spruce, a contorted european larch and a weeping white pine.
The low wall border consists of chilton wall stone and the mulch is comprised
of 2-8" fieldstone cobbles. Very Low Maintenance!

Looking for a inexpensive and creative way to dress up an entry garden?
A small water feature like this requires little maintenance and only a small
amount of materials. A great focal point for under $700.00!

And to create a water garden on a slightly grander scale, try having a rolling

waterfall attached to a fish pond. This pond in Annandale, Mn is 20 feet long

and 2 feet deep.

This waterfall which was built in Otsego, MN was created with the help of the

homeowner. We love to work with the help and input of our customers.

This gardens pathways were created using Bullet edger units with 3/4"
purple quartz granite. This is a good low maintenance solution for pathways.

With a nice naturallistic arrangement of plants surrounding, even a quality

manufactured fountain can become a great garden accent.

This Hosta collection garden was created utilizing the structure of an old

greenhouse. Adding a brick pathway creates an amazing tunnel-like garden.

This small garden surrounding a flag pole consists of plants such as pink

yarrow, catmint, grasses and a purple smokebush. All of our customers

receive a 3 year membership to our Amazing Earth Discount Landscape Club

which allows you and your family to purchase plants at wholesale pricing.

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This waterfall was added on to an existing pond in Buffalo, Mn. The customer
had a budget of $1,500.00 of which to complete the project in full. How did
we do? The customer was very pleased.

Do you have a large area which you would like to cover with something very

beautiful but don't want to spend a lot of money? This plant, known as

Gooseneck Loosestrife (Lysimachia clethroides) is a long-flowering spreading

perennial flower. One plant will cover a 4'x4' area in two years or an 8'x8' area

in 3 years. Find our prices here:

This customer wanted to remove some old shrubs and dress up his driveway

to add curb appeal. We kept some of the established focal plants and added

some evergreen and perennial selections.

Back to the pathways. I forgot to mention the beautiful lawn. Our sod

is the highest quality available anywhere. It is super-high quality sod with

a blend of perennial rye, festcue and bluegrass seeds. Sod farms around the

twin cities metro cut their grass for laying as soon as it has seeded at their

farms. Our sod supplier 'ages' their sod for months to produce established

and hardy grass which is always greener and more drought tolerant.

This is a shade garden which I made in Maple Lake, Mn. We used Gray
trap boulders as outcropping to match the stone on the house. The garden
consists of plants such as Bleeding hearts, lamiun, globeflower and brunnera.

This entry garden is designed in an english garden style. Reclaimed stone

was used to create the pathway walls. Azalea's and daffodil's make this a

welcoming Spring garden.

This is the first perennial garden that I ever created which was for my

parents. Included within are Coral bells, yellow yarrow, orange milkweed,

blue veronica and yellow tickseed.

Buestone walkway with grey trap boulders. Maintenance free solutions.

Flagstone walkway to access a dock from the raised beach.

This is a Chilton stone retaining wall with chilton weatheredge stones mixed in for color.

For a more interesting patio, try using circle patterns and/or different levels. This is made with Anchor paving stones.

Wildflowers growing amongst Mossy rocks.

Add a pillar lampost to your patio area. This pillar was made of the same stones as the low wall surrounding the patio. The patio is made from reclaimed brick.

This step was created as a beautiful option to wooden steps. The bricks are glued to a concrete block base.

The Master Landscaper inspecting the steps upon completion.

To add some privacy around your patio, try adding a low free-standing wall as a border.

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