Sunday, March 10, 2013

DLG Consulting Services

  The current Minnesota landscape industry has changed a lot in the last several years. Myriads of new products come onto the market every year along with new techniques in which to install and maintain products, both new and old.  Most new products come along and altough they sometimes become popular for a time, they generally tire and fade away with the next great and/or popular product introduction. As a seasoned, multi-generational landscape contracting company we realize that although products are always changing, our focus should not. Regardless of the economic climate within our nation, Douglas Larson Gardens has always been focused on the same goals of providing excellent end products at prices that are fair to both ourselves and our clients. There are certain industry standards that we have never implemented and there are other standards that are uniquely our own and are rarely implemented by others. We agree with Trends Forecaster and Publisher of the Trends Journal, Gerald Celente when he states, "To survive as a business in today's economic climate you have to offer the most at the best price possible and on a consistent basis. Price + quality + consistancy equals survival." Well, we're still going strong after 25 years in business, all the time established in this same belief and approach as our company focus.

Landscape Consulting

  If you're anything like me, I usually don't make a buying decision until I know what my options are.  Here inlies the greatest benefit to landscape consultation. Consulting is exchanging ideas, methods, industry know-how and secrets of the trade in order for a person to make an educated decision on whats possible, likely or potentially damaging but perhaps avoidable. The communication, based on experience in the industry of what products and methods were used before, what works best now and why and also what the future holds for the same product or method often summarizes a plethora of knowledge gained only through years and/or decades within an industry.  The information provides a broader spectrum of whats possible, but more importantly that which is the best approach for you and your vision for your property.
Consulting can help with the following;
  • What is possible on my property?
  • What is a reasonable price to pay for _______?
  • Who's the best contractor for _________?
  • What kind of annual maintenance can I expect from installing this product or project?
  • What could be potential set-backs to this project?
  • How long should a project take?
  • What are DNR, zoning departments or highway departments guidelines for this project?
  • What are the best products to use?
  • How do we avoid damage to surrounding structures
  • What kind of equipment is available for these tasks?
  • Can I handle this project myself?
  • Can you guide me step by step through the installation process?
There are hundreds of scenarios for which a Consultant can save you time, worry and money.

DIY Consulting
  Are you considering installing your own landscaping project?  Douglas Larson Gardens can help you get that project started, get the proper products and the right quantities ordered and even help guide you through the installation process by helping you through the tasks that require specific equipment or skills or we can show up on site as needed to answer questions or add a helping hand.  Here are some ways we can help;
  • Interpreting Designs
  • Laying out edging lines
  • Showing you how to install products
  • Determining quantities
  • Setting out plants
  • Operating a skid loader or other heavy equipment
  • Delivering product
  • Disposing of products
  • Renting out power equipment and power equipment training
  • Installing pond components
  • Installing complex projects such as retaining walls, patios, ponds and drainage systems
  • Guiding you at a garden center or nursery
  • Guiding you through proper maintenance
  • helping you with pond cleaning and maintenance
No project is too big or too small. Our Consultants are available by the hour with a 1 hour minimum. We don't charge for drive time to your site.
Working laborer consultants are available too.
Call us today to find out more.  612-702-3569


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