Sunday, March 10, 2013

DLG Design Services

Landscape Designs are the greatest tool for saving you money on your landscape projects.  There is an intial investment involved with having a landscape design created, but the benefits of having one will outweigh the initial investment by saving you time, potential headaches and lots of money. Landscape designs allow you to aquire multiple bidders on your project while having everyone on the same playing field. Everyone is bidding on established elements, keeping all bids honest and based on an actual concept that details product lists, size, quantity requirements and finished goals. Without first achieving the design layout that you want, contractors are simply bidding on their interpretation of your ideas or their own ambiguous ideas, leaving a lot of room for inconsistency. Even if your set on who your installer will be, having a landscape design will allow you to gain other bids from it to ensure that your not over-paying. Other benefits of having a professional landscape design include having a record of what was installed and where, having the ability to spread out the installation in phases and end up with a congruent final result, having a scale model for DIY projects, having the ability to properly track expenses and product warranties and also to identify buried components when repairs or maintenance is required.
Our Landscape Designs
Our Design staff produces hand drawn, full color comprehensive designs that are accompanied by a proposal of costs. The cost proposal identifies quantity, size, product, material costs, labor costs (showing you how much you would save by doing it yourself), and any equipment, delivery or disposal costs. Our landscape designs also include a photo plant index for easy plant identification.
You can further consider the value of a landscape design during a scheduled, free on-site initial consultation. Our designs are based on project size and are paid for in advance of execution.
Design Refunds
Refunds on design fees are given at a 5% ratio of total project dollars spent (not to include the design cost)
If the design fee is $500.00, your project installation would have to exceed $4,999.99 to receive a full refund.
We do not refund fees for dissatisfaction. In the case of dissatisfaction of design we complete a new one after an additional set of communication until we meet or exceed our mutual satisfaction.

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