Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DLG Tree Spading

Wanna add some instant impact to your landscape without spending any more than you would planting a typical 2" balled and burlapped tree?  Our tree spading affiliates can deliver a 25 foot tall White Pine, Norway Pine (Minnesota state tree), Spruce, Maple or Birch for the same price as a 2" nursery purchased and planted tree.
The average cost for a 20-25 ft spaded tree going anywhere in the Twin Cities metro is $600.00
Thats an amazing price that can get even lower when you purchase in bulk.
Lets compare prices.
A 10ft tall balled and burlapped Maple tree with a 2.5" caliper trunk adds up this way;
  •  Cost of tree (Sugar Maple) $530.00 (industry average)
  •  Labor to plant tree              $150.00
  • Delivery of tree to site         $ 75.00
  • Total cost for tree                $755.00
Balled and Burlapped Trees

Have you heard of Sleep/Creep/Leap?
That is what a balled and burlapped tree does over a three year period after being planted. The first year it sleeps because in the digging and burlapping process the roots are sheared heavily. Hence, the tree will experience very little growth the first year. During the second growing season, the tree then experiences minor growth as it grows new roots it begins to creep. The third year, the tree leaps in growth.

A 20 ft tall Spaded Maple tree with an 8" trunk caliper thickness and a 52" root mass adds up like this;
  • Tree cost       $200.00
  • Tree Spading $400.00 (delivery included)
  • Total Cost     $600.00
Transplanted (spaded) trees tend to Creep & Leap as the majority of their established root system goes with them.
White Pine

The only drawback to  spading as compared with planting a balled tree is the lack of warranty. Spaded trees are not warranteed because of the watering requirements for the trees after planting are usually left to the homeowner, to be performed daily for a period of days or even weeks. In addition, the occurrence of death to the tree due to the act of spading is low, especially when proper season, temperature, soil matching, proper transport preparations and watering techniques are employed.

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