Thursday, March 14, 2013

DLG Paver Patios

  With over two decades of experience as a full service landscape contractor in Minnesota, Douglas Larson Gardens has become a perennial choice for those that seek "Affordable Excellence".
A project installed by DLG is always one of quality, creativity and lasting beauty that adds to your enjoyment of life as well as value and functionality of your property. Our landscapes are naturally unique, with personalities that befriend their surroundings and compliment local topography. Our knowledge and experience, coupled with that of industry affiliates when needed, gives us a range of skills and services that can see any size project to a timely and satisfactory completion.

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The following is a brief list of paver applications that we provide from the standpoint of what the latest trends are and for the exceptionalism that our projects personify.

Paver Patios

Add an outdoor fireplace
Trendsetter's such as ourselves have taken paver patio designs from ok to "oh wow" with the introduction of artistic inlays, circle and square patterns, integrated fireplaces, seating walls, stairs and classy, fully functional outdoor kitchens.

Outdoor built-in barbeque station

Douglas Larson Gardens uses brands such as Anchor, Belgard, Borgert and Interlock. We freqently mix different shapes or colors of brick to create different patterns and to highlight flow. With the standard industry price markup on materials at 150% above cost, projects such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and other cutting edge design features are most usually considered out of range for your average homeowner. However, with our much more conservative markup of only 60% on materials installed, our customers find themselves being able to afford twice as much as they may have otherwise expected.

This "Affordability" also makes more common project types cost half of what is normally paid in material price, making your money advance you further toward your design goals. This is "Affordable Excellence". 

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