Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our Company Approach to Shrub Trimming

   All too often I see landscape maintenance companies in the Minneapolis area either over-pruning shrubs or pruning and trimming at the wrong times of the year. Most likely, they trim shrubs heavily in the Spring as part of the Spring clean-up when leaves and other debris are removed from a site.
This methodology is false. In most cases, the proper time to trim a flowering shrub is while it's flowering or shortly after blooming.  The reason for this is simple. Trimming too early causes some shrubs to not flower at all and hence, you lose the primary benefit of the plant-it's flowering beauty.

  At Douglas Larson Gardens are approach is simple. We incorporate weekly shrub trimming into our garden maintenance programs so that you can enjoy all that your flowering shrubs have to offer while keeping a good eye on their growth, trimming when necessary as a means to curtail overgrowth.

  Although there are times when a heavy shearing is necessary, most often times trimming will only need to be performed when shrubs begin to out-grow their suuroundings, growing into other plants or the house or when they have suffered a winter die-back.

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